All you need to know about Winter pest control in Toowoomba

Most people may think that winter is the time when rodents and bugs are often less active, but things might not always be as they seem. Some pest such as ants, black windows spiders, rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs among others remains active during winter. In fact, termites keep on munching, and ants keep on crawling, and cockroaches keep on creeping and mosquito which are the leading cause of chronic disease also active during the season. In this paper, we discuss how to control these pests during the winter season. 

Winter Pest Checklist:

Here are some of the things you can do to keep the pest at a minimum in our area during such time of the year.

Controlling Rats and Rodents:

  • Tidy the Clutter: Check all the hidden stuff that you have to keep for a long time and move them to another place. Keep on re-inspecting the stuff at a regular basis as you relocate them to another new position. This help to discourage rats and mice from setting up an undetected camp.
  • Avoid using cardboard and fabric for storage: you need somewhere to store your item, consider using another material other than fabric or cardboard. Plastics and metals are furs much recommended as they discourage rodents and cockroaches.
  • General Storage: foods, clothes, and other household items that are mostly destroyed by rodent should put in a sealed box or container.
  • Remove any items that can be a source of food for a rat: you can discourage rodents from staying by removing all the easy meal. Do not leave food remain around to discourage rat and ants infestations.
  • Seal all entries into the building: small gauge mesh can be used to seal up any hole in the house and prevent rodents from entering the building. You can also seal the bottom of the doors with automatic weather seals or weather strips. A rat can pass through holes of as small as 12 mm in diameter while a mouse only requires a 6 mm diameter hole to enter the house. Don’t just seal the bottom of the building; often the rats can pass through the roof, eaves, and other less obvious entry points.
  • Rodents Traps: if there are some odd rogue rats or mouse that has already invested in the house, you can use Rodents Traps to catch them. Do not use not use thing like cheese for bait but peanut or cotton wool can do far much better.

Controlling mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes cause malaria, which is a deadly disease. They breed in stagnant water, which is very common during winter. To control their infestation, make sure that there is not stagnant water around. Check to see that water reservoirs and water thanks are screened for any infestations, and there is not stagnant water around the house. Check around for drains, car tyres, and hold buckets that might be holding some water.

Other winter pest control: 

Other pests that are prevalent during winter include cockroaches, wasp, and spiders.

  • Screen all the windows and doors properly to ensure that you have a safe retreat from coaches and mosquitoes.
  • Check your eaves and brick for spiders and wasp.
  • Keep bins away from home and keep them clean as possible by washing them regularly as they are great breeding for flies and can also encourage rodents.
  • Trees and foliage can create ways for rats, rodents, termites and spiders to enter into your house. Trim off any bushes and shrubs that overhang the roof and gutters to avoid such infestations.


If you are experiencing any strange winter pest control problem, you can contact pest control specialist in Toowoomba for further recommendations.

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