Wasp Removal

Having a wasp problem in your home can be a scary situation for any home. A wasp infestation can cause a lot of problems, very quickly, and can become a serious danger for you, your family, pets, etc. It’s important first to distinguish between wasps and other stinging insects, and Pest Daddy can help to determine which type of wasps you are dealing with before eliminating them.

If you have a wasp problem in your home, check surrounding areas, such as garbage cans, or nearby recreational areas. Wasps will typically seek protective habitats during the winter months, which is when you’ll be more likely to find them in your homes. It’s important for the safety of your family to get rid of wasps as quickly as possible. If they are able to lay eggs in your home, by the time Spring and Summer rolls around, their population could become a serious problem.

To prevent the attraction of wasps, block nest entrances, get rid of food waste outdoors, and avoid producing scents or brightly colored materials outside your home. If wasps to become a problem in your home, count on Pest Daddy to safely eliminate the problem, removing all signs of wasp activity, including nests, and the “queen’s nest” for your safety.