Pest control in the Toowoomba area can be a major problem if it is dealt with incorrectly or not at all.     Pest Control Toowoomba                               

All too often, infestations go on without any intervention and get out of control quickly. Sadly, had they been dealt with early on or if property owners scheduled regular inspections, tons of money and stress could have been saved.

If you own commercial or residential property in the Toowoomba area, then may we humbly suggest having an inspection done, if you have not already done so?

Our residential and commercial pest control Toowoomba service is among some of the best service in our city.


Building And Pest Inspection Toowoomba

Whether you are purchasing a building for commercial use, or are looking into purchasing a home in Toowoomba, one of the first things you need to conduct is an inspection.

A thorough building and pest inspection will help you to better understand what you are getting yourself into, and if you are about to take on more than you bargained for.

Our qualified and experienced team understands pest control and pest eradication. We understand that what you may see on the outside may not tell the entire story, which is why we conduct an inspection of not only the actual physical building, but also the surrounding area.                                      


We’ll take a look at any entryways that pests may be making their way into the building, as well as pointing out any areas of concern to you that you may have overlooked.


While termites may be the pests that are most familiar to you, we will help you to see the wide variety of pest treatment that we cover, and what you may be at risk for.                                   

We’ll help you to see whether or not you are dealing with one or more of the following

Pest inspection
Pest inspection

Not only can pests cause physical damage that is unsightly to view, but they can also cause you and those around you some physical problems as well.

Our scientific pest control services will ensure that your problem is taken care of correctly the first time.  Our team will be on site throughout the process to answer any questions you may have, address any concerns that may arise and to help put your mind at ease.

While you may be tempted to try out the first person you find online, might we caution you to do your due diligence.

We are licensed, experienced and qualified pest control experts in the Toowoomba area, and have dealt with many different types of infestations.

We know what it takes and will get it done correctly the first time – every time.

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Termite Treatment Toowoomba

Termite inspection is the first step in your termite treatment plan.  

This is where we start.  Unfortunately, it’s not where it ends.  Termites can enter your home through a variety of ways and can do significant damage.

Termite damage toowoomba 4350
Termite damage

The colonies that termites exist in can range from a small group of several hundred to a larger one, numbering in the millions.

While you may not know just how bad the infestation is, our termite inspection procedures can and will.  We use state of the art equipment to measure the moisture levels in your soil and your home to see just how big of a problem you may have on your hands.

We recognize the severity of termite control and recommend that you have an inspection done on a regular basis, at least yearly.  

As mentioned earlier, we not only deal with termites, but we also deal with any other types of pests that may be invading your property.   

Termite control can be done in a variety of methods.  You can install physical barriers surrounding your home, or you can utilize chemical barriers to stop any infestation that may be occurring, and prevent further ones from taking place.

However, you must keep in mind that pest treatment that deals with chemicals needs to be done and administered by licensed professionals, in order to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

Our qualified and experienced team members bring the kind of know-how needed to perform termite treatment in the Toowoomba area.

Putting off an inspection is one of the worst things you can do.

If you already suspect that you may have some type of infestation problem, schedule your inspection to get started you can call us at 07 4082 7240

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