Termite Control

When you think of termites, you might think of little cartoon bugs who can zoom through a tree, or an entire pile of wood in seconds, or who can simply turn an entire house into nothing but sawdust. While real termites may not be that extreme, or quick, the damage they can do to a home is certainly no laughing matter, and it can sometimes even occur without your knowledge, until it’s too late. Give your home its own termite inspection to ensure it is not being overrun with these pests. termite pest control

Some early signs of a termite infestation in your home may include:

  • Swarmers’, or small flying insects that usually gravitate toward light. These are actually reproductive termites that leave their own nests to form new colonies
  • Damaged wood
  • Mud tunnels attached to your home’s exterior
  • Buckling paint or tiny holes in wooden areas

If you notice any of these signs, or live in an area that is prone to termite infestations, give Pest Daddy a call for termite control. Even if you don’t directly notice any obvious signs, getting your home checked periodically for termites is never a bad idea. Termites cause around $5 billion in damage per year in the United States alone. Let our trained team take care of any possible infestation, and make sure your home doesn’t fall victim to these damaging little pests.

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