Rodent Control

Typically, it isn’t difficult to notice if you have mice and/or rats in your home. There are usually tell-tale signs, whether it be food boxes or containers that have been chewed through, noises in your walls, or of course, droppings. These are usually found in cupboards, under containers, or anywhere a mouse or rat could eat, make a nest, and make himself at home. They tend to come into homes more frequently when the weather gets a bit colder, and not only can they cause damage to your home, but they can be a health risk to you and your family. Is this mouce or rat?

Rodents can carry a variety of different diseases, and are generally unhygienic when it comes to living in a home, especially if you have children in your home who may have weaker immune systems.

As far as damage, mice and rats can cause a variety of different issues, from chewing holes in walls, to chewing through wires, which can lead to an elevated risk in house fires. Unfortunately, many insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by pests in your home after the damage is already done.

Make sure your home stays clean, healthy, and safe by using Pest Daddy as your rodent exterminator, to get rid of any rodents who may find their way into your house. Customer service and your health is our number one priority, and we only use the best rodent control processes possible to ensure that you, your family, and even your family pets will stay safe while we take care of the mice and rats who may be affecting your home.


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