Flea Control

When we think about fleas, the first thing that usually comes to mind may be your household pet. While your pet can certainly be the culprit for bringing these pests into your home, fleas  can easily attach onto people as well, and if you notice them in your home, there’s a chance they are already infesting your yard and other areas of your house.

Fleas on a dog

Not only are fleas annoying and irritating for both pets and people, but they can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health. A female flea, for example, can ingest up to 15 times her own body weight every single day, and just one flea can lay over 50 eggs a day, making their potential infestation easy to get out of control very quickly. They can bite, cause skin irritation, and cause potential illness if they are not properly controlled.

If you notice any fleas in your home, on your pet, or even on yourself, it’s important to get them taken care of right away. At Pest Daddy, we guarantee complete removal of all pests from your home, using the right tools for flea control. Our experienced technicians will handle any flea problem with quality customer service and professionalism.