Ant Control

Ants can be far more than casual annoyances at a picnic. Fire ants, Carpenter ants, and White ants are the most common types of this insect to wreak havoc on homes. Ants are social creatures, and tend to live in large colonies, so if you see a few ants, chances are there are many more where they came from. They will typically enter a home looking for food, and are often attracted to sweet foods. If one, or several ants find a solid food source, they will then leave a chemical trail of pheromones for the rest of their colony to follow back into your house – and of course, they can manage their way in through the smallest of openings.

If you are specifically targeting Carpenter ants, check for them at night, as they are nocturnal. Another sign of Carpenter ants is damaged wood on the outside of your home. For other ants, check along the walls and baseboards of your home, including doors and windows. Fire ants can be harmful and painful to deal with, while White ants can cause home damage, and simply aren’t hygienic to have in the home.

When it comes to controlling ants, take the most basic steps first – make sure never to have opened food laying around on the floors/counters, especially if it has a strong scent, or is sweet. Be aware of the time of year it is, and when your area is more prone to ant activity. However, when ant control becomes a serious problem,let our team take care of them for you with a high standard of professionalism, quality, and care.

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